The bar chart below shows the money which six different countries plan to spend on various economic sectors in the next fiscal year.

May 07, 2021 / Academic / 12:36 pm





Data regarding the projected spending by six different countries in six different sectors in the upcoming fiscal year is depicted in the given bar graph.

Overall, it is clear that the estimated spending is generally higher in the educational sector with the UK and the USA as exceptions.

As per the graph, the highest projected spending on a single sector is by the UK, and it is in the health sector. This would go as high as $15 billion, which is a billion more than Sweden’s spending on education. Like the UK, the USA too is expected to spend the maximum on health (just over $10 billion), whereas in France, Germany and Japan the highest spending would be on education like in Sweden (12, 9, and 10 billion dollars respectively).

Both the USA and the UK are predicted to spend almost $8 billion in defense. Defense and infrastructure would get less financial attention from other nations.

Housing and transport are anticipated to be the next two areas of focus by these nations. When France and the UK would spend about $6 billion on housing, Germany and the USA would spend approximately $5 and $3 billion. The highest spending in transport is projected in the UK and in Japan ($8 billion).

The least spending would be in defense by Sweden ($1 billion).