The bar chart below shows the percentage of internet users according to nations and the pie chart shows how many individuals from those countries spend on shopping online.

Feb 15, 2022 / Academic / 4:02 pm

Information on the internet users in five European countries and the typical spending pattern of an average person in those countries are portrayed in the given charts.

Overall, it is clear that internet usage is far more popular in Sweden than the other four countries. It is also obvious that the average spending on online shopping is higher in all countries than in Spain.

As per the bar chart, of these five nations, most internet users are from Sweden. When just over a third of its population (35%) use the internet, in the UK, it is exactly 15% less. The rates of internet users in Germany and France are 15 and 10 respectively, whilst the least users are seen in Spain (5%).

Turning to the average spending on online shopping by these nationalities, the UK stands first. When the typical spending of an individual in the UK is €87, a Swede spends €76 on an average. In France and Germany, the figures are recorded at €57 and €46 respectively. The least is spent by the Spaniards, when a person from that country shops for just €10 online.

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