The bar chart below shows the reduction in traffic accidents in Bridgewater following the introduction of extra lanes on busy roads.

Apr 13, 2020 / Academic / 12:52 am


A statistical comparison of the extent of road transport accidents before and after the introduction of extra lines on busy motorways is depicted in the given bar graph.

Overall, it can be seen that the reform had made visible reduction in the rate of accidents.

As shown in the chart, the construction of an extra lane made the most positive change in motorway 5. Here the decline in the number of accidents was 12 per kilometer from 17, when the lane did not exist. A similar success is seen in motorway 1, where the volume of accidents fell by almost 9 from 13.

The number of accidents reported in motorway 3 and 4 before the extra lane’s introduction was 4 and 5 respectively. On an average, this dropped by almost half in these roads.

It is to be noted that the reform had proven the least effective in motorway 2, when the number of reported incidents is still at large at around 15, compared to 17, when the lane was not there.

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