The bar chart shows the rate of pregnant women who smoked in the USA in 2019.

Mar 16, 2020 / Academic / 2:37 am


Information regarding the proportion of women who smoked during their pregnancy divided by age groups in the USA in 2019 is depicted in the bar chart.

As per the chart, in 2019, almost a third of the pregnant women in the US between 15 and 29 years smoked. The maximum proportion in this was reported among 20-24 age group (13.3), which was 2.7 more than their preceding age group (15-19 years), and 4.4 more than their successive age group (25-29 years).

It is also seen from the chart that as the age advanced, the rate of pregnant smokers increased till the age of 24 and then it is seen tailing off. When there were around 5.7% who smoked in their early 30s, it was just 4.4 in their late 30s. Approximately 4% smoked between 40 and 54 years, whereas the least rate was reported among the under 15 age group.

Overall, except in case of the youngest age group, most women who smoked during their pregnancy in the US in the given year were young.

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