The bar graph below shows average daily sales of selected food items at cafe’ by season.

Jul 06, 2021 / Academic / 7:02 am

The fluctuations in the average daily sale of beverages at café in winter when compared to summer are depicted in the given bar graph.

At a glance, the sales are recorded more in summer than in winter, with hot coffee and green tea as the favourites.

 As per the chart, when hot coffee has the highest sales in summer, it is green tea in winter. The sale of the former hits around 80 million servings during summer, which is almost 5 million more than the latter. However, in winter, when 50 million servings of green tea are sold, hot coffee’s sales falls behind by approximately 4 million.

 There is a difference of 40 million servings between the summer and winter sales of both cold coffee and tea. In summer, around 70 million servings of cold coffee are sold, the tea sales falls short by 10 million. Tea is the least sold beverage in both the seasons, and in winter, its sales hits a low of just 20 million servings.

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