The bar graph below shows the factors which influenced the decision-makers on environmental policy in the UK in 1998.

Dec 14, 2021 / Academic / 3:01 pm

Information on factors which were seen crucial for the decision-makers in framing the environmental policies in the UK in 1998 is depicted in the given bar chart.

Overall, it is crystal clear that general awareness was the most significant factor which shaped the environmental policies in the given year.

As per the chart, of the various reasons which shaped the environmental policy in the UK in 1998, general awareness constituted the highest percentage of responses. The rate of decision-makers who felt this was influential accounted for 42%, while only 23% of them perceived legislation as the crucial factor.

Business concern for the environment was seen as the next critical response which determined the policy. This accounted for 18% of the total responses, which was 6% more when compared to those who felt media remarks as decisive.  It is also tangible that disposal issues made up 10% of all responses, whilst pressure from customers, land dealings and safety regulations accounted for 8% each.

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