The bar graph below shows the rate of respiratory tract infections among pilgrims to a famous pilgrim center in 2016.

Mar 21, 2020 / Academic / 1:31 am


The frequency of respiratory tract infections per hundred pilgrims who visited a famous pilgrim center in 2016 is portrayed in the given bar chart.

As per the chart, cough, sore throat and rhinitis were the most common infection symptoms among the pilgrims. When 72% had cough during their pilgrimage, those who suffered sore throat was around 15% less, and about half of the pilgrims exhibited rhinitis.

Among the other four categories, over a third failed to retain their natural voice. The proportion of pilgrims whose body temperature stood higher than normal came around a quarter. Dyspnoea was reported as the next prominent symptom (around a sixth were affected). The least common problem was influenza-like-illness, for which only a tenth of this population were screened positive.

It is quite interesting to note that only less than a fifth were free from any of these symptoms.

Overall, it is clear that respiratory infections were common among the pilgrims who visited the center in this particular year.

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