The chart below gives information about Southland’s main exports in 2000, *20…, and future projections for 2025.

Apr 13, 2020 / Academic / 12:10 pm


Information about the total value of major exports in Southland in 2000, 2020 and its projections in 2025 is plotted in the given chart.

At a glance, the major exports in Southland are seen changing over the period.

It is clear from the chart that international tourism was the main export in 2000; at present, it is dairy products and by 2025, it would change again to international tourism. Meat products worth 6 million pounds were exported from the area in 2000, which is seen declined by 0.4 billion now (2020), and is set to decline further to a point of 5 billion in 2025.

Almost 10 billion pounds of dairy products are being exported from Southland, which grew by 3 billion compared to the export value of 2000. However, the value is predicted to decline by 0.4 billion by the end of the period.

Turning to international tourism, almost a uniform growth is seen in the export value throughout the period, that is from 8 billion to an anticipated value of 10 billion pounds.

(*20… for test purposes, use and refer to the current year)