The chart below shows the changes that took place in three different areas of crime in New Port city center from 2003 to 2012.

Feb 16, 2022 / Academic / 5:41 pm

The given graph is a representation of the variations in the number of incidents of crime in New Port city center between 2003 and 2012.

Overall, it is clear that the incidents of burglary went down significantly over the period, whereas the other two types of crimes persisted despite some decline in the middle.

As per the chart, the most prevalent crime was burglary in 2003. The number of such incidents was recorded at just less than 3,500, which was almost 5, 00 more than the next prominent case of crime: car theft. The least reported incident in the year was robbery, and this was just over 5, 00.

Despite a sharp climb to about 3,750 in 2004, the number of burglary cases dwindled to a record low of 1,250 in 2008. The car theft cases too fell to 2,000 by 2008 after a mild fluctuation. After 2008, both the aforementioned cases tended to rise, but the car theft cases went up sharply to hit 2,750 in 2012. However, the cases of burglary had not crossed 1,500 during this period. In spite of hitting a peak of 900, the number of theft cases from the person remained at an average of 700 throughout the period.

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