The chart below shows the cost-living averages in two different cities as compared to the national cost-of-living average.

Feb 14, 2020 / Academic / 4:55 am


A clear cut comparison of the average cost of living in 6 ares in two cities in relation to the national average is drawn in the table.

As per the table, Riverdale has a higher cost of living. It is notable that, housing is the area in which the city-dwellers expend 19% higher than the national average. However, in Cape Alicia average accommodation expenditure is 12.5% less than the national average.The second most living expenditure in Riverdale is seen in the health care system with a +7% difference from the national average. On the other hand,the highest comparable cost of living in Cape Alicia is on utilities, which is just 1.2% more than the national average.

The second most disparity between the average living costs of these cities is in the transportation sector (7.8%)and this is 3.8% less than the national average in Cape Alicia. The average expenditure of groceries, utilities and clothing in this country is around 5% less than Riverdale’s, Whereas it is just around 1% less when compared to Cape Alicia’s.

Overall, it is understood that, the cost of living in these two cities, Cape Alicia is the better place to live in.