The chart below shows the percentage of male and female teachers in six different types of educational setting in the UK in 2010.

Jul 06, 2021 / Academic / 1:19 pm

Involvement of teachers in various levels of educational settings in the UK divided by gender in 2010 is depicted in the given bar chart.

In general, an obvious female domination is there in lower level settings, and as the level advances, it is seen declining.

In both nursery and primary school settings, female teachers outnumbered their male counterparts heavily. In the former setting, out of the total teachers, the rate of women was about 95%, whereas in the latter, it was nearly 90%. When it comes to the secondary school level, the ratio of female to male teachers was approximately 55: 45, and in colleges this ratio is seen levelled at 50.

The situation in both private training institutes and universities in the UK was entirely different. In the former setting, of the gross teachers, the proportion of male teachers stood above the females at around 55%. However, in the latter setting, this was about 70%, which was the highest for males in any educational setting in the UK.

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