The chart below shows the percentage of male and female teachers in six different types of educational setting in the UK in 2010.

Oct 29, 2020 / Academic / 7:11 am

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The proportional difference between the male and female teachers in six types of educational settings in the UK in 2010 is depicted in the given bar graph.

Overall, it is clear that the rate of both genders at work is seen fluctuating as the type of settings differed from nursery to universities.

As per the chart, more female teachers were there in lower levels of UK’s education in 2010, and this was the highest in the pre-school setting (95%). Of the total proportion of teachers, about 90% women worked as primary school teachers, whereas this is seen declined to nearly half of the total when the secondary school statistics is looked upon.

The proportions levelled at 50 when it came to the case of colleges. However, in the other two settings, male workforce dominated. In UK’s private training institutes, almost 55% males were employed, and in its universities the male teaching staff force hit its maximum of about 70%.

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