The charts below show reasons for travel and the main issues for the travelling public in the US in 2009.

Nov 05, 2020 / Academic / 2:53 pm

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The purposes of travel and the challenges people faced when travelling public in the US in 2009 are illustrated in the given charts.

Overall, it is clear that the main reason for travel was to attend their work, and the worst challenge to their commuting was the cost of travel.

As shown in the bar chart, majority of the US residents commuted to go to and return from their work places, and this accounted to just below the half of the total who travelled. Personal reasons and shopping were the next major reasons for them to travel. The rates of those who did so were 19 and 16 respectively. When around a tenth of the total travel was attributed to social or recreational, the least was for visiting friends or relatives (6%).

Considering the issues of public travel, the worst was the cost, and this attributed to just over a third of the total share of complaints. Concerns regarding safety and aggressive driving were the next major issues, and the rates of those who had these complaints were 19 and 17 respectively. Highway congestion was reported as another issue by 14%, whereas very few opined access to public transport and space for pedestrians as their problems (8 and 6%).