The diagram below describes the structure of a home smokery and how it works.

May 03, 2022 / Academic / 5:25 pm

An outline of the structure of a home smokery and the way it works are portrayed in the given diagram.


Overall, it is clear that of the three parts, two are under the ground, while the remaining is above the ground level.


As shown in the diagram, the first part of the structure is an empty underground section with a lid which can be opened at a space above the ground level. This lid, when opened, allows air inside the structure to assist the smoking process.


In the second part, a similar structure is there with a lid at the ground level. This lid can be opened and wooden logs can be placed inside the chamber. Smoking food can be initiated when these logs are burned.


In the third part, a bended long funnel is directed upwards in a fixed structure, which has a wide opening at the bottom which connects the fireplace and a narrow opening at the top. When logs burn, smoke passes through this opening to the closed chamber above the ground level, inside which fish and meat are hung from the top for cooking.