The diagram below shows a process for turning dirty water into clean water.

Jun 11, 2022 / Academic / 3:41 am

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The diagram portrays the process of cleansing muddy water in a simple manner.

It is obvious that, in addition to the filtering materials, the components needed in the process are a bottle, which has an open bottom and two glasses.

In the first step, the dirty water, which is collected in a glass, is poured into an inversely placed bottle. The bottom of the bottle is cut-open and the filtering materials are arranged in sequence inside it.

On the top layer is the filter paper, which acts as the first layer of the purification process. When muddy water is poured into the bottle, it passes through the paper and permeates through the gravel and small rocks, and then into the fine sand.

The final stage of filtration happens in the last layer, which is located at the neck of the open bottle. In this layer, the filter is made of cotton and wool, and it allows clean water dripping into the clear glass, which is placed under the bottle.

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