The diagram below shows how a central heating system in a house works.

Sep 17, 2021 / Academic / 6:57 am

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The diagram below shows how a central heating system in a house works.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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Information on the functioning of a household central heating system is portrayed in the given diagram.

 Overall, it is clear that the system, which supplies heat to the indoors works on water and is fueled by either gas or oil.

 In the first step, the cold water is channelled into a closed cylindrical storage tank, from where the water flows into the boiler, which is placed at a lower level. The boiler is fuelled by either gas or oil, and the hot water thus obtained is passed via small pipes to reach individual radiators, positioned at specific places inside the house. The heat is radiated into the room’s atmosphere, and as a result of this heat exchange, water temperature in the radiators fall.

 The water after the heat radiation, which has not become cold completely, is channelled upwards with the help of a pump to the hot water taps and to a reserve water tank. This tank, on the roof top supplies the storage tank, in case of limited water supply from outside. Thus, a constant supply of water is ensured in the storage tank which supplies water to the boiler, without halting the heating process.

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