The diagram below shows how a solar powered water pump works

Jan 25, 2022 / Academic / 3:02 am

The parts of a solar powered water pump and the way it assists in the supply of water to a village are portrayed in the given diagram.

Overall, it is clear that the pump functions solely with the energy from the sun and its function is not much complicated.

In the first phase, the photovoltaic cells, which are arranged in the solar panel absorb the solar energy and convert it to direct current. This energy is used to operate the submersible pump inside the bore, which is proximal to the place where the solar panel is erected.

It is to be noted that the pump is placed below the water level inside the well, and when it is turned on, the underground water is pumped up to the water tank, which is large enough to collect enough water for the supply. As the demand arises in the village, the water is supplied from the tank.

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