The diagram below shows how electricity is generated from a geothermal power plant.

Apr 08, 2021 / Academic / 6:09 pm


The process of generating electricity in a geothermal plant in stages is picturised in the given diagram.

Overall, the whole process seems to be complex in nature.

As shown in the diagram, in the first stage, cold water is channeled deep into the earth until it reaches a place which is suitable for thermal energy exchange. At this specific depth, the earth’s temperature is transferred from the subsoil to this water and steam thus obtained is channeled up to the earth’s surface to a heat exchanger. As the steam hits the exchanger, pressure mounts, and is expelled forcefully through a narrow tube which turns the turbines swiftly. Here, in the alternator, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. As demand arises, with the assistance of transformers, the power is distributed.

The hot steam which passes past the turbine reaches the cooling tower in which it condenses to water. This is then channeled to a large condenser, where its temperature is further brought down and the cycle continues.

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