The diagram below shows the manufacturing process for making sugar from sugarcane.

Mar 11, 2022 / Academic / 3:04 am

The way in which sugar is made from sugarcanes in sequence is portrayed in the given diagram.

Overall, this seven-step process starts with growing sugarcanes to the making of crystalline sugar.

In the first step, sugarcanes are grown in suitable fields. By around 12 to 18 months of its cultivation, the canes are harvested manually or by machines. The harvested canes are then sent for crushing in a rolling machine. This machine extracts the sugarcane juice, which is collected in containers.

The next main step is purifying the extracted juice in a limestone filter, and the clear juice is later transferred to a large, funnel shaped evaporator. This is heated thoroughly from the bottom until the juice transforms into syrup. The most crucial step in the manufacturing of sugar is centrifuging, and this is how the sugar crystals are separated from the syrup. These crystals are initially dried and then cooled, and eventually sugar is made.

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