The diagram details the process of making wool.

Jan 20, 2022 / Academic / 5:44 pm

Various steps involved in the making of products made of wool are depicted in the given diagram.

Overall, it is clear that making woolen products is not a complicated procedure, but a systematic and a careful one.

In the first step, sheep fur is sheared at specific locations. This is gathered in one place and is then cleaned thoroughly to remove impurities such as dirt and oil. In the subsequent step, the fur is dried well with the help of the drier, and then it is transferred to the most crucial process: spinning.

The spinning machine spins the wool, which are made into tufts and stored. The wool strings which comes out of the machine while spinning are sent for recycling. From the storage, as demand arises, balls of yarn are taken for knitting woolen products. These are also used to make finished products of demand such as jackets and carpets.

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