The diagrams below give information about the manufacture of frozen meat pies.

Nov 18, 2021 / Academic / 5:48 pm

Frozen meat pie production in its two production lines is depicted in the given diagrams.

Overall, it is clear that the pie production requires beef as the primary ingredient, along with prepared potatoes, peas, carrots and gravy, arranged in layers in a microwaveable container.

In the first line of production, frozen beef which is not older than two weeks after slaughtering is transported into the unit. It is then defrosted and cooked to the desired temperature in the oven, after salt and pepper toppings. Fat from the cooked beef slices is removed in the next step, and the pieces are cut smaller. After the quality check, these are arranged manually at the bottom of the containers. Simultaneously, potatoes, which are not older than two months of harvest are delivered to the unit and stored. As per the demand, these are cleaned, peeled, sliced and kept ready for the second line production.

The sliced potatoes are chilled immediately after boiling and are stored in the second line of production. On to the beef-filled containers, which are placed above the rotating conveyer belt, prepared peas and carrots are dropped, and at the next station, prepared gravy is poured. At the next station, prepared potatoes are topped. The containers are then wrapped, frozen and either stored or dispatched.