The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton

Nov 25, 2021 / Academic / 2:44 am

Information on the way which the residents of Edmonton depend on various transportation modes, with a special focus on car commuting is depicted in the given charts.

Overall, it is clear that the most preferred mode of transportation in Edmonton city is by car, and more people use this to commute to work.

It is clear from the first chart that the lion’s share of people in the city relies on either their own automobiles or the light rail transit. From 80% of such a population, 45% travel by car. Of the rest 20%, equal proportions travel by buses and taxies.

When analysing the reasons for using an automobile in Edmonton, significant proportions reported that they commute in car to work, to do business or to take their children to school, and their shares are 55%, 45% and 40% respectively. An equal proportion of car users in the city use it for shopping and leisure activities (15%).

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