The diagrams below show the changes that have taken place at West Park Secondary School since its construction in 1950

Nov 11, 2021 / Academic / 5:51 pm

Changes that had taken place at West Park Secondary School following its construction in 1950 are depicted in the given diagrams.

Overall, it is clear that when the academic infrastructure and parking facilities of the school improved over the years, the recreational facilities saw a setback.

The school was constructed in 1950, at the side of the main road which was at its north. There was a settlement at its west and a playground at its south. A farmland was also there towards its southwest.

The most visible changes that took place at the school in 1980 were the addition of two facilities: a science block, which was attached just to its proximal west, and a car park to its distal end. The farmland , which was at the immediate west of the playground got transformed to a sports field.

In 2010, the area of car park increased its size by almost three-fold. It occupied the entire area of the sports field, which was there in 1980.The size of the playground is seen shrunken when a third of its actual size was occupied by the sports field.

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