The graph below shows the average daily sales of selected food items at the Corner Café by season.

Jan 19, 2022 / Academic / 5:41 pm

A comparison of typical daily sales of six selected food items at Corner café in summer when compared to winter is depicted in the given bar chart.

 Overall, it is clear that the sales of hot food items is more in winter, while in summer, cold food items are served more. It is also noted that salad is equally preferred in both seasons.

As per the chart, most sales in the café occurred in winter. Hot coffee stands at the top, with 65 servings, while the number of servings of hot milk and soup is 60. Salad is the next favorite in the café during winter. It is served 50 times a day, and the same is recorded during summer. Ice cream and iced coffee are seen served fewer in number at 20 and 5 respectively.

Conversely, the highest sale in summer is recorded for iced coffee with 55 servings a day. This is closely followed by the sales of ice cream and hot milk at 50 servings each. In case hot coffee and soup, the figures are 20 and 30 respectively.

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