The maps below show Coco Island as it is now and plans for how it will be developed over the next 5 years.

Jul 08, 2021 / Academic / 2:26 pm

Changes which are expected in Coco Island in the next five years after its development when compared to its present outlay are portrayed in the given maps.

Overall, it is clear that this uninhibited island is projected to become a small tourist hub over the period.

It is clear that, at present, the only attraction of the island is the crescent-shaped beach, which is located at the west. There is another beach which extends from the south towards the east.

Turning to the anticipated plan of island development, the first is the construction of the pier, which can welcome tourists from big yachts. The tourists who embark on the pier can reach the reception desk which is planned almost 100 meters northeast . To accommodate the visitors, six island villas would be constructed to the east of the island, whereas on the opposite side, near to the crescent-shaped beach, four beach villas would emerge. Between these accommodations, towards the northeast of the Coco Island, a restaurant is planned, which can cater the visitors. Another highlight is the development of a swimming area at the beach towards the west.