The maps show the changes in the village of Wells-on-the-Water in the UK between 1985 and 2010.

Jul 09, 2021 / Academic / 3:08 am

The way in which a small village in the UK: the Wells-on-the-Water developed in 2010, when compared to 1985 is portrayed in the given maps.

Overall, it is obvious that the village has transformed to a small town during this period.

The village, which is on the banks of the River Wells, was scarcely inhibited in 1985. The two landmark buildings were the Mansion House at the centre with Mansion garden at its north and an old factory at its west. These two were accessed with two roads: The Woods Drive and the Mansion Lane. A farm house and a post office were also there along the southern side of the Mansion lane.

In 2010, with a bridge across the river, the Mansion lane extended towards the east, while a new lane: the Queens Drive was constructed towards the northeast from the Woods Drive. Adjacent to this lane, a new post office and some shops came. The two landmark buildings got transformed: The Mansion House to a care home and the old factory to luxury flats. At the west end of the Mansion lane, a park replaced the farm house, and towards the east of the lane, new houses emerged on both sides.