The table below gives information about languages with most native speakers.

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A statistical comparison of the number of native speakers of six prominent global languages and their additional number of speakers is tabulated in the given chart.

Overall, it is clear from the table that the popularity of Mandarin Chinese and English is exceptional compared to other languages in the list.

It is clear from the table that the most spoken language in the world is Mandarin Chinese. Out of the total 1,090 million speakers, the native speakers of this language accounts for 900 million.

Hindi, Spanish and English occupy the next three respective positions in case of the aggregate number of native speakers. When this fall between 339 and 370 million, with Hindi at the top and English at the bottom, the total number of global speakers of English stands out of the comparison. This is recorded as high as 942 million.

At the fourth and fifth positions stand Arabic and Portuguese, with an average of 204 million native speakers. However, Arabic has 14 million more speakers than Portuguese in case of additional speakers, which pushes the latter’s position to the lowest in the table.

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