The table below gives information about students studying in six departments in an Australian university in 2011.

Feb 10, 2022 / Academic / 3:01 am

Information on the students who took six different majors at an Australian university in 2011 is depicted in the given table.

Overall, it is clear that there was no direct co-relation on the subject students preferred based on the three classifications.

As per the table, out of the total enrolments to humanities, science and education, majority were females. Enrolments to humanities stood first, with 72%, followed by education, with 68%. Their rates of enrolments to science and physics were 52 and 56 respectively. The less preferred subjects were information technology (17%) and engineering ( 15%).

It is also clear from the table that both the non-native English speakers and overseas students of the university preferred science and technology more than humanities and education. When around 38 to 49% of the former group opted for either science or technology, this range was between 31% and 56% in case of foreign students. When less than a quarter of overseas students opted humanities and education, the rate of non-native English speakers who opted the same had not crossed one-sixth of the total enrolments.

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