The table below provides information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London.

May 20, 2022 / Academic / 6:24 pm

The table gives a detailed account of the weekly rents per property in three areas of London and the annual salary needed to occupy in those areas.

Overall, it is clear that Notting Hill is the most expensive in case of all three types of accommodation, and the annual salary needed to accommodate in each type is also higher than the properties in other two areas.

Of the three areas mentioned the weekly rate of one bed ranges from £215 to £375. The most economical is at Fulham and the most expensive is at Notting Hill. In Regent’s Park, the rate of a single bed cost £325, while the amount a person has to spend for double and triple beds is £450 and £650 respectively. The least expensive double bed and triple bed is available in Fulham (£390 and £600 respectively) whereas the most expensive of those is available in Notting Hill (£485 and £738 respectively).

The recommended annual salary a person has to earn to accommodate rooms at Notting Hill ranges from £98500 to £194000. In Regent’s park, it is between £85500 and £170000. The least required salary is in Fulham and this ranges from £56500 to £157500.

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