The table below shows information about rainfall in several cities.

Dec 17, 2021 / Academic / 5:07 pm

The table compares the average amount of rainfall which seven cities in the world receive on a yearly basis.

Overall, it is clear that the cities of Tokyo, New York and Sydney receive a higher amount of rainfall than Caracas, Paris and Buenos Aires. It is also apparent that rainfall is the least recorded in Cairo.

From the table, it is apparent that the highest annual rainfall is recorded in Tokyo. This accounts for nearly 60 inches, which is almost 12 inches more than the rainfall of the New York City. Another city in the list which receives significant rain is Sydney, with an annual rainfall of 40 inches.

The quantity of rain received in the cities, Buenos Aires and Caracas is exactly the same. This is measured as 33 inches, which is 8 inches more than the city of Paris receives. The scarcest rainfall is recorded in Cairo, which accounts for just an inch.

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