The table below shows information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002

Feb 26, 2020 / Academic / 7:39 am

Model Answer:

Variations in the consumer spending by category in five different countries in 2002 are depicted in the given table.

It is clear from the table that the most spending by all the five nationalities was on the first category (food, drinks,tobacco). This was exceptional in Turkey and Ireland(32.14% and 28.91% respectively). In other countries, this ranged from 15-19%.

In case of the second category, (clothing and footwear) the highest expenditure is seen among Italians with their recorded national Consumer expenditure at 9%. The average expenditure of other countries in this category was around six percentage.

Turning to the third category, (leisure and education),the Turkish stood first with 4.35%, which was more than double the expenditure of the Spaniards. People from other countries, including Sweden spent an average two to three percentage on this category.

Overall, it is clear that most spending was on food and related products, whereas the least was on leisure and education. It should be also noted that the national consumer expenditure is generally higher in Turkey in the given year.

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