The table below shows the data regarding materials lent from public libraries from 1995 and 2016 and its projection till 2023

Feb 14, 2020 / Academic / 8:36 am


A comparison of the percentages of four types of items lent from a public library from 1995 till 2016 and its projection after 7 years is enumerated in the given table.

As per the table, the most borrowed item from the library was adult fiction and this trend is likely to continue till 2023 though there would be a decrease in its demand(53% in 1995 to 39% by 2023).

When there was a gradual fall in the issue of nonfiction items till 2016(23% to 21%), people borrowed more children’s book and audio visual aids.

It is notable that the lending pattern of adult fiction and audio-visual items from the library is seen almost reciprocal. In case of the former, the decline was from 53% in 1995 and is expected to reach just under 40% by 2023. By contrast the latter’s rate grew from 5% and is set to reach 17% by 2023.

A similar reciprocal pattern is seen between adult non-fiction and children’s materials. When the demand of the former declined by an average of 1% from 23%, the latter’s demand climbed from 19% and would reach 23% by 2023.

Overall, though there were fluctuations in the lending pattern from the library, the trend is easily predictable.
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