The table below shows the IELTS score of four students in two consecutive attempts.

Dec 08, 2020 / Academic / 4:22 pm


The variations in the IELTS score of four students in two subsequent attempts are shown in the given tables.

Overall, when Mathew remained the most successful test taker in both attempts, John managed to get the better margin of success.

It is evident from the tables that all four students made their scores better in the second attempt. Among them, John exhibited a consistent and more progressive change in his band score. His score was the least(4.5) among the group for all four modules, which he made better by adding two to all.

The highest individual band score was achieved by Jessica in listening (8) in the first attempt, which she could not maintain in the second. However, she made the rest of the scores better. The overall score disparity between Peter and Mathew increased from 0.5 in the first to 2 in the second attempt, of which the latter’s score was on the higher side. By contrast, the margin of success was higher for the former.

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