The table below shows the level of success of different schools in four distinct years.

Nov 22, 2021 / Academic / 2:10 pm

An assessment of the performance rate of ten different schools in France in four distinct years: 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 is depicted in the given table.

Overall, it is clear from the table that most schools made notable progress in their success rate over the given years.

Out of the three schools, which recorded a success rate 80 and above in all the four years, Victoria’s performance was outstanding between 1995 and 2010 (88 to 96%). When St. Margaret increased its success rate from 80 to 85, St. Peter School’s rate fluctuated between the same figures.

The most striking progress in the performance level among all the schools was gained by Darwin. This was 20% between the first two years and 10% between the rest, to reach 96% by 2010. St. Sebastian recorded 20% leap in its overall performance over this twenty-year period (70-90%), whereas it was 12% for both Al-Ameen and St. Vincent School (68-80% and 78-90% respectively). The achievement rate of Spring Valley School was 85% in 2010, which was the same of the year 2000. This was almost 10% more than Rose Dale’s, though both schools had the same rate in 1995 (67%). Daffodils was the only exception in the group, when this rate shrank from 75 to 65% in these years.