The table below shows the points tally of an ongoing under-19 cricket championship, which is hosted by Australia.

May 11, 2021 / Academic / 3:25 am


The team positions of an under-19 cricket tournament, which is progressing in Australia, till last Monday’s match between England and South Africa are sequenced in the given table.

Overall, with Australia at the top and Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe at the bottom, the competition seems to be unpredictable for the others as the game progresses.

As per the table, out of the eight teams, four completed seven matches, while each of the other four has a match left. The Australian team stands first in the table, with only one loss, gaining 12 points, when seven matches are completed.

The Indian team, which lost only two games out of the six played, stands at the third position, behind England, which lost three out of seven since it has 0.143 net run rate more than that team. England has the second best net run rate (0.432) after New Zealand (0.809), which stands at the seventh position in the tally.

Both South Africa and Pakistan have 8 points, which is the same as of England and India, however, the net run rate of all these countries differ widely. Sri Lanka  and Zimbabwe stand at the bottom of the table, with no signs of success.