The table below shows the results of a 20-year study into why adults in the UK attend arts events.

Jul 21, 2021 / Academic / 5:10 pm

The reasons why the adult population in the UK attend arts at present when compared to two past time frames are depicted in the given table.

Overall, there are obvious changes in the rate of those who attended arts except in the share of those who went to see their favourite performer.

As per the table, for most of the UK adults, the primary reason to visit an arts performance remained the same. When 58% went to see a specific artist 20 years ago, at present, 56% do the same.

A more major decline happened in the proportion of those who attended arts on special occasions or celebrations. During the first 10 years of study, it fell by 7 from 27, and as per the present statistics, it is just 9%.

An increasing share of adult population is seen going to arts these days accompanying their children and as a part of their work. When only just under a ten of them attended arts with their children 20 years ago,  this grew to almost a quarter at present. In the second case, the growth is from 6 to 11%.

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