The table below shows the spending on tourism by different countries in 1999.

Feb 09, 2020 / Academic / 8:18 am


Information regarding the expenditure on tourism by eleven different countries in 1999 is summarized in the given table.

Of the eleven, the US and Germany had spent in an exceptional way, with the former spending USD 51.5 billion. The next two countries which were interested in disbursing their income in this industry were Japan and the United Kingdom. When Japan expended 33 billion dollars, the UK’s spending fell $5.3 billion short, which was the same proportion of disparity between the top two spending countries. Turning to the allocation of funds in the Italian and French tourism industries, a similarity is seen, when it is seen at an average of 16 billion dollars. A much closer similarity (0.03 billion dollars) is seen between Canada’s and Austria’s tourism spending, with an average of 11 billion dollars. The expenditure on this industry by the rest of the countries (Netherlands, China, and India) stood at an average of USD 10 billion.

Overall, it is clear that compared to the highest spending countries (US and Germany) most countries in table spent less in the given year.

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