Nov 25, 2021 / Vocabulary / 5:41 pm

  • outskirts of large towns: areas outside the city centre, suburbs or industrial district
  • factory emissions: smoke and pollution from factories
  • toxic fumes: smoke which is poisonous
  • traffic jams: large queues of cars not moving
  • pollutants in foods: dangerous chemicals
  • pesticides: chemicals to keep bugs and animals away from plants
  • chemical fertilizers: chemicals added to make soil stronger
  • commute to work: drive or travel to work every day
  • Mantra: frequently repeated statement
  • reuse and recycle: use products again or find another purpose for them
  • industrial waste is incinerated: waste which is burnt
  • facilities for recycling: places where you can dispose of plastic / cardboard
  • education programme: teaching and learning in school or elsewhere
  • consequences: the outcomes
  • interspersed with (birds): mingled with, mixed with
  • campaign: high profile policy for the public
  • scientists predict: ideas for the future
  • disintegrate: break down into small particles
  • microplastics: very tiny pieces
  • single-use applications: use once then throw out
  • own- brand products: unique to the shop or supermarket
  • policy should be rolled out: implemented all over the country
  • documentaries: factual TV programmes