Nov 25, 2021 / Vocabulary / 5:43 pm

  • authentic: real, true
  • old-school strict: traditional learning with punishments and controlling teachers
  • teacher centred: where the teacher is leading the class
  • encourage collaboration: learning together through discussions
  • pressure to meet deadlines: having to finish work by a certain time / date
  • assignments: homework or essays
  • sail through them: not to have to work hard and to find things easy
  • learning expectations: what the teacher expects from their student
  • role plays: acting out a situation to simulate or practice it
  • dictation: writing down what the teacher says, accurately and fast.
  • breakthrough: a new development
  • inspiring: something which makes you want to do better
  • intonation: the ‘singing’ sound of speech
  • paid off: was worth the effort
  • outdated: old fashioned
  • league tables: tables which rank the position of schools according to  academic success
  • alumni: students who used to go to a certain school or college
  • boarding school: where students live at school during the term time
  • extra- curricular activities: anything NOT academic, eg sport, drama
  • peer group: students of your own age, in your class
  • remote: not being physically there / learning via computer