Nov 25, 2021 / Vocabulary / 5:44 pm

  • Viral: if a post/ video is viral or “has gone viral,” that means it is spreading very rapidly across the internet,
  • Troll: used as a verb and a noun. A troll is a person who purposely creates offensive or provocative posts or comments to arouse anger in other social media users.
  • Hater: a person who posts negative or critical comments about others
  • Vlogger: a person who regularly creates short videos to be posted online
  • Meme: a humorous image or text that is easily sent to others over the internet
  • Anonymity: The state of being anonymous, of people not knowing your identity
  • DM: direct message
  • Emoji: a small digital image used in social media/ emails/ text to display an emotion, object or idea
  • Badger: to bother someone repeatedly
  • Derogatory: offensive, hurtful, disrespectful
  • Censor: to keep certain images. Texts, etc from being displayed or published because it is offensive or immoral
  • Follow:  to subscribe to the page of a person or business on social media
  • Harass: to create a hostile situation through written or verbal communication
  • Catfishing: the act of creating a false internet profile in order to deceive or scam someone
  • Grooming: preparing someone (often a minor) over the internet in order to eventually commit a sexual offense
  • Influencer: a person who promotes a product online to his/her followers so that they may purchase it
  • Photoshop: software that allows users to digitally alter their images
  • Filters: preset photo enhancements that users can select to apply to their images or videos
  • Block: stopping or banning someone from interacting with you on social media or viewing your posts/ profile
  • Scam: a dishonest attempt to trick or cheat you