You have seen an advertisement in the local newspaper for swimming lessons at your community sports centre. You want to find more about these lessons. Write a letter to the manager of the sports centre.

Apr 05, 2021 / General / 4:37 pm

Dear Mr Thomas,

I am writing this letter to seek more information about the swimming lessons which you have scheduled at our community sports centre recently.

Last Friday, I saw an advert on the local daily about the sidestroke swimming, which you are going to introduce in our sports centre. You might know that I have participated and was placed at third position in the 11th amateur swimming competition which was organised by the National Swimming Federation last year.

You might be also aware that I have won two medals in freestyle, but I find it difficult when it comes to other styles including sidestroke. It is encouraging to know that an expert coach is available all through the weekdays at the centre.

However, a few details are still not transparent to me including the time and cost of the course. I think it is convenient for everyone if it is in the evening, and I expect the course fee does not exceed $100 per month.

I look forward from you the details as soon as possible,

Yours sincerely,


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